Our publications play a key role to increase understanding and prompt global action around ending hidden hunger. We invite you to learn more about Nutrition International (formerly the Micronutrient Initiative) and our work from around the world in the following publications:

Strategic Plan and Investment Case 2018-2024

Our 2018-2024 Strategic Plan details Nutrition International’s approach, interventions and outcomes. The accompanying Investment Case, the first for a nutrition organization, showcases Nutrition International’s low-cost, high-impact approach as well as our health and human capital impacts.

Find out more about our Strategic Plan and Investment Case at: https://old.nutritionintl.org/strategy

Gender Equality Strategy



Fact Sheets

Fact sheets with the latest information about Nutrition International initiatives and projects:

Case Studies

Detailed overviews of Nutrition International’s projects:


Visual representations of Nutrition International’s work and results:

Annual Highlights Report

Our Annual Highlights Reports offer a snapshot of our efforts to create greater global impact.

In these reports, we provide governments, donors, social policy makers, business leaders, advocates, media and many others timely insight into the scope of the problem of malnutrition and our progress on the solutions.

Annual Highlights 2017-2018: English, French (PDF)

Annual Highlights 2016-2017: English: Interactive, PDF

Annual Highlights 2015-2016: English: Interactive, PDF

Annual Highlights 2014-2015: English, French (Website)

Annual Highlights 2013-2014: EnglishFrench (Website)

Annual Highlights 2012-2013: EnglishFrench and Spanish (PDF)

Annual Highlights 2011-2012: EnglishFrench, and Spanish (PDF)

Annual Highlights 2010-2011: EnglishFrench, and Spanish (PDF)

Financial Statements

Full Financial Statements 2020

Full Financial Statements 2019

Full Financial Statements 2018

Full Financial Statements 2017

Full Financial Statements 2016

Full Financial Statements 2015

Full Financial Statements 2014