S. Kaushik

S. Kaushik joined Nutrition International four years ago as Regional Manager, Monitoring and Evaluation, Asia. In his role, he ensures that Nutrition International’s programs in Asia are results-based, evidence-based and properly monitored and evaluated. He develops and implements a strong framework for monitoring and evaluation, which is in line with Nutrition International global and international guidelines, to ensure that Nutrition International Asia programs are well planned and monitored. He helps build capacity of staff and partners to ensure data quality and its use in program planning and decision making. Kaushik designs and implements rigorous evaluation of Nutrition International Asia programs to measure impact and outcomes. He leads the documentation, publication and dissemination of information on Nutrition International Asia program experiences and lessons learned, including at international forums (e.g. Micronutrient Forum). Kaushik also provides advice and makes available data and data analysis support for program strategy formulation, program planning and donor reporting.

Kaushik has expertise in monitoring and evaluation of health and nutrition programs and in designing and implementing rigorous program evaluation and operations research. He also has expertise in advanced data management and statistical analyses, scientific writing and publishing, program design and development and has strong performance measurements skills. Kaushik holds a PhD in Demography.