Large, Sustainable Impact at Small Cost

Nutrition International supplies more than 75 per cent of the world´s need for vitamin A and supports governments in their work to achieve universal coverage of vitamin A supplementation in children aged six months to five years. Bottles of vitamin A supplements, bearing the Canadian flag, are in countless health posts around the world.

It is a tragedy that in today’s world, hunger and malnutrition still threaten the lives and livelihoods of millions of people, and devastate children’s futures.

Despite significant progress made, millions of children continue to die from preventable causes every year; malnutrition contributes to 45% of deaths of children below five years of age.

For those that live, malnutrition places a developmental burden that is often irreversible. Right now, over 50 million children are wasted, too thin for their height and in need of emergency feeding.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, over 40 million children are overweight – so there is a ‘double-burden’ emerging; both of which are related to poor nutrition.

Even more unacceptable is that one-quarter of the world’s children under five – approximately 165 million – suffer from stunting or early-life growth failure, one of the most measurable signs of malnutrition.

Stunting is what happens to a child’s brain and body when they don’t get the right kind of food or nutrients, particularly in the 1000 days between conception and their second birthday. That child will never be able to learn, grow, develop and contribute to their families and communities as much as they could have if properly nourished in early life.

Malnutrition steals a child’s future and this has detrimental effects on the child and all of us.

Since 1992, Nutrition International (formerly the Micronutrient Initiative) has partnered with governments, health agencies, multilateral organizations, NGOs and the private sector to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to vulnerable communities around the globe.

Our work is undertaken with the support of the Government of Canada, through Global Affairs Canada and other generous donors.

We have very strong relationships with multilateral organizations, including United Nations agencies. Our strategic partnership with the World Food Programme works on delivering the right foods at the right time. UNICEF  is an essential partner in our vitamin A supplementation success and, with the World Health Organization, we are contributing to the global evidence base so that we can influence major health targets and report on global progress.

We work collaboratively to bring together different perspectives to solve the health challenges of malnutrition, which crosses all sectors and creates inequality.

The world has come far towards the goal of ending poverty but we are still missing more than a billion people.

We all want to reach them. To do this, investments in global nutrition must continue to be a priority. Thank you for your support.

Despite the ‘micro’ in our name, Nutrition International operates for global impact to end malnutrition and improve the lives of millions. With child mortality rates still unacceptably high, and malnutrition such a significant contributor to these rates, it is obvious there is significant scope and opportunity to bring health and nutrition approaches closer together. Through our ability to forge new partnerships and create new opportunities, we are poised to end hidden hunger for a new generation and improve:

We build capacity to deliver essential nutrition programs to those who need them and work to affect change using program delivery as a catalyst to strengthen existing health systems. We do this through a variety of programs, including:

Sometimes food is not enough. The causes of micronutrient deficiencies are multiple and interconnected. As the world works towards improving the diets of the world’s poor, many lives are saved and improved through supplementation.  We work with partners and governments to delivery key micronutrients the body needs to survive and thrive: