We confront malnutrition up front. Face-to-face.

Nutrition International, formerly the Micronutrient Initiative, has a local presence in each corner of the world, with country offices in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and the Sahel, Tanzania, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and the Philippines, and headquarters in Ottawa, Canada.

Across these offices, our staff works hand-in-hand with national and local governments, healthcare professionals, development partners and businesses to drive implementation and policy programs on the ground.

In addition to supporting regional grassroots advocacy programs, we assume leadership in global bodies such as the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement, the Global Alliance for Vitamin A, the Zinc Task Force and the Food Fortification Initiative to leverage international movements to improve the nutrition of individuals – and the communities and nations to which they belong. With issues as urgent as malnutrition, we know that an insular approach is the wrong one. So, we extend our knowledge to help guide and coordinate multilateral action.

Our reach enables us to improve nutrition for millions of people in more than 60 countries and thousands of communities every year around the world.