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Large-Scale Food Fortification: An Overview of Trends and Challenges in Low-and Middle-Income Countries in 2017

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Authors: Prof. Ian Darton-Hill AO, Dr. Lynette Neufeld, Dr. Marieke Vossenaar, Dr. Saskia Osendarp, Dr. Homero Martinez; on behalf of the Micronutrient Forum
Publication date: September, 2017


This report from the Micronutrient Forum is an overview of the state of large-scale food fortification in the world. Topics that are reviewed and summarized in this report include:

  • Gaps and challenges to scaling up the fortification of staple foods,
  • The role of large-scale fortification in addressing the micronutrient gap in low and middle-income countries,
  • Summary of existing large-scale fortification programs/policies, and;
  • Justification for implementing large-scale fortification policies and programs.




Fortification, Reports and Best Practices