NTEAM: Sharing technical expertise to scale up nutrition

NTEAM is a mechanism through which governments and other nutrition stakeholders can access Nutrition International’s technical expertise.

When malnutrition is holding back entire nations, the information that is needed to take action to solve the problem has to be a priority. Nutrition International believes that knowledge – rigorously obtained, soundly applied and generously shared – is the basis for sound decision making and action for nutrition. Through NTEAM (Nutrition Technical Assistance Mechanism), we ensure such knowledge – and our expertise – are put to contribution to scale up nutrition for the world’s most vulnerable.

Nutrition International invests in innovative approaches to solve difficult issues and develops products and services that help overcome capacity gaps experienced when scaling up nutrition interventions globally.


Sharing Nutrition International’s expertise globally

1. Technical Assistance Services

Although many countries are committed to scaling up nutrition, a lack of technical capacity to design, deliver and track progress can often make it very challenging to turn their vision into reality. To address this, NTEAM provides technical assistance to countries and others who need one off and long-term support and capacity building to achieve nutrition objectives. NTEAM provides timely, coordinated and expert technical support for a wide range of nutrition-specific and nutrition sensitive-interventions.

Our work: Through the UKaid supported TAN Project, Nutrition International supports 20 Countries affiliated to the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) movement, as well as the SUN Movement Secretariat, in their important work.

2. Task Forces for Nutrition

Nutrition International believes that so much more is accomplished when you have the right global experts working together towards a common goal. This was the premise behind our championing of Task Forces for nutrition. NTEAM works with the world community to identify nutrition issues that need championing and brings together global experts, with special perspectives and varied backgrounds, to tackle the issue together.

NTEAM uses Nutrition International’s convening expertise in service of this critical work – to ensure technical excellence, inclusion, efficiency and transparency.

Our work: We are proud to enable the work of the Folate Task Team, a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation supported project for the improvement of folate and prevention of neural tube defects globally.

3. Knowledge Translation

NTEAM invests in knowledge translation and product development, finding new ways to address persistent barriers to the successful integration of nutrition into multi-sectoral and non-nutrition programming, and to support capacity building for nutrition. NTEAM builds innovative approaches for:

  • Data Services:
    • best practices for nutrition data generation, and use of data for decision making
    • impact models for nutrition programming
  • Guidance documents, education and toolkits to support:
    • nutrition programming and scale up of interventions
    • implementation science
    • integration of nutrition into traditional and non-traditional platforms
  • Broad dissemination of research and sharing of knowledge products from technical collaborations

Our work: Visit Nutrition International’s Knowledge Library for recent publications and open access knowledge products.


A team of nutrition experts

NTEAM has an extensive group of national and international consultants, advisors, and nutrition advocates who work with us in our efforts to maximize our efficiency and breadth of solutions we can offer. For longstanding advisors, NTEAM acknowledges this special group of experts and their important contributions to global nutrition and Nutrition International’s work.

Furthermore, Nutrition International’s team of specialists and advisors based in our headquarters in Ottawa, Canada and in our regional offices in Africa and Asia provide technical oversight and quality assurance to product development and technical assistance provision. These specialists contribute knowledge and guidance on delivery science, infant and young child health and nutrition, maternal and newborn health and nutrition, adolescent and women’s nutrition, food systems, program evaluations, gender, and nutrition information systems and surveillance.

Join our team

There is much to be done to support countries’ efforts to scale up nutrition. We cannot do this work alone. NTEAM is looking to expand our community of partners, advisors and consultants. We provide meaningful opportunities for our international consultants and advisors, allowing important contributions to global nutrition. Our consultant and advisors are supported in their work through NTEAM’s management approaches.

Check out our current consultant opportunities, or apply to become part of our roster of experts.

Are you an active NTEAM Technical Assistance Provider?

NTEAM’s Technical Assistance Provider Portal (TAPP) has useful information and resources to help you with your technical assistance assignment.  You can access NTEAM’s TAPP using the sign on information provided to you when you started your assignment.

If you have an active contract with NTEAM, and are having any issues accessing the portal, please contact TAPP@nutritionint.org


NTEAM takes a collaborative approach to scoping technical assistance and capacity requirements, and is able to respond with services thoughtfully matched to need.

NTEAM has multiple mechanisms to support provision of services.  Our robust internal management systems ensure that high quality, relevant and timely provision of services.  We manage a database of experts, and are able to accelerate the provision of TA by accessing our global team of in house experts, and screen consultant experts and advisors with a full range of technical and programmatic capabilities (national and international).  When working through consultants, NTEAM oversees the delivery process and provides quality assurance throughout the TA process.

To speak to NTEAM about your technical assistance requirements, please contact:

Carol Broderick
Portfolio Director, NTEAM
T +1 613 690 6878
Email cbroderick@nutritionintl.org


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