TAN Project: Building countries’ capacity to scale up nutrition by working with governments to reduce malnutrition

Countries that have signed up to the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement can now tap into Nutrition International’s (formerly the Micronutrient Initiative) team of experts to improve country capacity to design, deliver and track the progress of multi-sectoral nutrition programs to help reduce malnutrition. When countries reduce malnutrition, the health of their populations can improve, which in turn can help improve educational outcomes, workforce productivity and national economic growth.

TAN uses a country-driven, coordinated approach to ensure that all partners committed to improving nutrition outcomes – whether they are national governments, civil society, community groups, donors, business or academic networks – are connected and consulted, and that all systems for nutrition delivery are better harmonized to achieve maximum impact.

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Through UKaid funding from the UK Government Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), NTEAM’s TAN Project will provide support and assistance to countries that have joined the SUN Movement as part of their efforts to improve the nutritional status of their populations – especially women and children.

The Nutrition International component of the Technical Assistance Project for Nutrition (Nutrition International-TAN), seeks to improve the capacity of SUN countries to design, plan, manage and monitor the delivery of multi-sectoral national nutrition plans, and to generate, learn from and adopt knowledge that works. This happens through direct technical assistance (TA) provision to support needs identified through a consultative process, led by the SUN country Focal Points, and through short-term TA to the SUN Movement Secretariat (SMS).

Nutrition International-TAN countries

The following 20 countries will receive Nutrition International-TAN support over a five year period: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia.

Nutrition International-TAN approach

A country’s TA needs are identified and prioritized in collaboration with SUN country focal points, national governments and in-country nutrition partners. Nutrition International also works with SUN country focal points to ensure the type of TA to be provided is best suited to the needs and circumstances identified, such as national or international, and short- or long-term TA.

Key stakeholders are also part of the consultation process, to ensure harmonization and effectiveness of the assistance provided. This includes SUN donors, UN agencies, civil society and business networks, as well as other local and international agencies and TA providers.

Nutrition International-TAN focus

The main focus areas for TA provided include policy, planningresearchdelivery, and tracking and surveillance of multi-sectoral nutrition programs for improved coverage and reach.

Some examples of TA support:

  • Policy: development of evidence-informed policies, guidelines, regulations, standards or curricula.
  • Planning: development of nutrition strategies and costed national nutrition plans; development of rolling annual operational and commodity supply plans.
  • Delivery: management of program implementation and monitoring with a particular emphasis on nutrition-specific interventions provided during the 1000 days window, the pre-school period (2-5 years of age), or to adolescent girls (10-19 years of age) or women throughout their reproductive years (15-49 years of age).
  • Problem-solving: use of implementation or operations research to identify ways of overcoming barriers to scale up where appropriate.
  • Tracking progress: national surveillance and program monitoring systems; qualitative and quantitative metrics; population-based micronutrient surveys; assessment of coverage and adherence.
SUN Movement

Founded in 2010, the Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is founded on the principle that all people have a right to food and good nutrition. SUN aims to unite people—from governments, civil society, the United Nations, donors, businesses and researchers—in a collective effort to improve nutrition.

SUN countries are putting the right policies in place, collaborating with partners to implement programs with shared nutrition goals, and mobilizing resources to effectively scale up nutrition, with a core focus on empowering women.


There are currently no opportunities.

The TAN Project is now accepting applications from experts from a variety of nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive fields, who are interested in helping Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) countries translate their global targets into concrete action.