No Missed Opportunities

The fight against poverty cannot be won while entire generations are being born stunted, malnourished, and with their development potential impaired because they don’t have access to good nutrition. We need these people as much as they need all of us – because without their full potential – we all lose.
Nutrition International President and CEO Joel Spicer


Good nutrition can have a transformative impact beyond just individuals.

Good nutrition is an absolute pre-requisite for human development because it impacts – and is impacted by – health, education, employment and productivity, agriculture, and other areas. You can’t learn properly and can’t work productively if you’re malnourished.

If countries are interested in equitable and real economic development, if donors are interested in maximizing their investments, and if companies are interested in a healthy workforce and opening new markets – we have to invest in nutrition.

In an effort to increase the impact that nutrition can have on the world, Nutrition International takes a multi-pronged approach, harnessing our expertise in research, programs, advocacy, partnerships, finance, communications and more.

With our work in Evidence Generation & Policy and our programmatic areas, Nutrition International contributes to the global evidence base so that investments are made in the areas that will have the most impact. We help translate that evidence into strong policy and programs and ensure that micronutrient commodities are of high quality and available for programs that are serving the most vulnerable people.

Some examples of our work:

  • We assure the adequate procurement of supplies that are essential to the ongoing scale up of high-impact programs, such as vitamin A supplementation.
  • We have leadership roles in strategic alliances and groups that advance the knowledge and know-how on reaching more people with the nutrition they need.
  • We partner with organizations, such as the World Health Organization, to develop guidelines on nutrition programs and work with governments and partners on the ground to ensure these guidelines can be implemented in a practical and cost-effective way.
  • Our demonstration projects help to fill strategic gaps, showing key decision-makers, including governments, NGO partners and donors, how to better reach the most vulnerable groups.

Nutrition as a Top Development Priority

At Nutrition International, we think that there is no better development investment than nutrition and we think this belief is shared by many of our allies in the global community.

We work together with partners on advocacy and communications campaigns, with the goal of ensuring micronutrients and nutrition are prioritized and appropriately resourced if we are to give the world’s most vulnerable the opportunity to both survive and thrive.

We are active members of the global movement known as Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) that has been building momentum and political will for nutrition at a tremendous pace.  We are working to translate this growing political will into action and results on the ground.

Our work is moving global solutions forward to reduce vitamin and mineral deficiencies around the world for greater impact.