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#WomensNutritionNow is our call to action, urging global leaders, policy and decision makers to improve nutrition for the more than one billion women and girls suffering from malnutrition.

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The time is now

Malnutrition is a great injustice to women and girls. It isn’t just about a lack of nutritious and safe food; it impacts women’s equality and empowerment, and much more. Removing the brakes of malnutrition is essential to their health and strength, and is key to unlocking their full potential as leaders, workers, caregivers, and human beings.

Strong and healthy women can build healthy communities and families ― which will help build strong societies that work for all people ― and in turn can lead to prosperous and stable nations.

Let’s be the ones to deliver a world where all women and girls are healthy and strong.

Share the knowledge, spread the word, take action, be a nutrition champion! Join the millions of people around the world who believe it is time for #WomensNutritionNow.